What Do I Wear?

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Martha Magrina

Do you ever open your closet only to find that you have nothing to wear?


One of the most overwhelming tasks is being invited to an event, and having no idea what to wear. 

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Here’s how it tends to go. We look at a closet full of clothes, and have only one thought. “Ugh, I have nothing to wear.” We try on the entire closet, only to hate everything, and throw it on the bed, causing us to settle for something we don’t love, and rush out the door, in an effort to still be on time.

This got me thinking (as a lot of seemingly simple daily tasks do). Why do we get so overwhelmed when we clearly have plenty of options? If we know who we are, and what we stand for, why can’t we just put something on, and call it a day?

In this article you’ll learn 3 reasons why you feel like you have nothing to wear, and what to do about it.

3 Reasons You Think That You Have Nothing To Wear

#1 - Too Many Choices In Your Wardrobe

In a world where we are in a position to make a thousand choices a day, it’s no wonder that opening the closet to get dressed, presents some form of anxiety.

Being in a position to make so many choices is overwhelming it itself.

What do I want to eat for dinner, what type of job do I want to pursue, who do I want to settle down with, do I want to get married, have kids, and the list goes on… finding a shirt to put on can be the very last choice you ever want to make.

And at that point, a t-shirt or some sweats should suffice.

#2 - You're Comparing Yourself To Everyone Else!

Ah, comparison. The enemy of joy .. isn’t it though?

All we have to do is think about how amazing everyone else will be looking, and that’s enough to spike our own angst and insecurity. But here’s the thing.

Everyone else is thinking the same thing. So what is there to lose?

When we change our minds as a result of comparison, we’re stepping out of our authenticity and power.

So before you let comparison guide you, ask yourself how much it’s costing you to put on a mask before you show up in life.

How important it is to you that other people know the real you?

#3 - You're Trying To Be Everything, To Everyone

If it weren’t for the additional anxiety, frustration, emotional drain, inauthenticity, anger, and personal betrayal, it would be great to be everything to everyone.

But that’s just not our reality.

By wondering what to wear based on how someone else will perceive you, is self robbery. It instantly gives your power away. And without power, we become followers, harboring our gifts, and cheating the world.

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov said, “The day you were born was the day God decided the world could not exist without you.”

And why can’t the world exist without you?

Because you were born with unique gifts that have the power to save, inspire, and motivate other people.

Clear Your Mind, and Create Space

If you’re tired of feeling like there is nothing to wear in your closet, here’s a few tips to get you started on the solution.

  1. Create Space: Donate items that you don’t love, don’t fit, and don’t make you feel like a goddamn beauty.
  2. Capsule Wardrobes: Find your favorite staple items (jackets, shirts, pants, skirts, etc.) and build 3-5 outfits around those items, to make getting dressed (and traveling) a lot easier.
  3. Organize: Design a system that enables you to easily see your clothing and accessories.