I'm Martha

and this is my story

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Our core mission is to empower you to embrace and express your true self with confidence and joy to live a life that you love.


Leveraging my personal experiences and professional expertise, I've created a path for you to discover your authentic power.


AuthenticallYOU is more than a service; it's a pledge to help you live according to your heart and values, and to courageously be your true self.

The Mission

Embark on a journey with AuthenticallYOU, where my commitment is to boost your confidence and self-expression. I promise to help you embrace who you are, and live that life that you really want. 

I understand the struggle of finding and expressing your voice in a world that sometimes wants to silence it. Through a unique approach to image consulting and coaching, you will make decisions that resonate with your inner beliefs and aspirations, opening the door to a future where you can be confidently and unapologetically yourself.

My Story

Following the completion of my degree in Fashion Merchandising, I dedicated two decades to Human Resources with renowned fashion companies such as Ralph Lauren, Estée Lauder, and Dolce & Gabbana. The greatest privilege was coaching leaders, a role that always resonated with me.

When I started to engage in a challenging pursuit to start a family, I found myself in a state of overwhelm, drifting away from who I really was. It wasn’t long before I started facing health challenges, including struggles with anxiety and depression. In the midst of it all, I grappled with insecurities, questioning whether my job and career were authentically aligned with who I am. I even pondered if my relationships truly reflected the essence of who I am. I knew I needed to take a break to focus on the connection with myself.

After pursuing many transformative healing journeys, the most impactful of which were coming out at the age of 30, shifting the direction of my career at age 42, and having a baby at 44, I have chosen to pursue a life that honors who I am, and help others connect with, and express their authentic selves.
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"What you experience on the inside will lead directly to what you create on the outside."

Erica Ariel Fox

How I Help

As a Certified Coach and Image Consultant, I have launched AuthenticallYOU as a way to help you boldly be yourself by standing in your authentic power.  Following my techniques will empower you to make life choices that are aligned with your heart, and your values.

If you feel stuck, want to share your story, and start living your absolute best life, I would love to talk.

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