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Martha Magrina

My name is Martha, and I am a Certified Image Consultant and coach for women.

I help women confidently project their authentic image by answering the daunting question, “what should I wear?”

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I spent 18 years in the Fashion and Beauty industries. In 2020, I made a decision to leave my then company, and pursue a family and new career.

Have you ever woken up in the morning, and felt like someone turned on the auto pilot button? You hit the snooze button, get up, brush your teeth, wash your face, blinding make coffee, and go on with your day.

Then when you arrive home at night, and blindly make dinner and poor your usual glass of wine, you realize (or not) that you’re a complete robot?

Well, that was me. I didn’t realize that the life I was living was completely unaligned to who I was, and yet, as many signs as the universe sent, and as loud as her voice got, I just couldn’t hear it … until that one day.

That one day came when I was about to turn 42. On that day, I heard the angels scream.
The stress, burnout, resistance, and constant sense of failure just became too strong to ignore. In that moment I knew it was time to make a change.

I invite all women in to this community, especially those of you who are experiencing feelings of being lost, uninspired, insecure, or disconnected from yourself, and what you really want. My hope is to help. I’ve been where you are, and it’s not the end.

In fact...it's the very beginning!