Fashion vs. Style For Women in Mid-Life

woman wearing white suit standing in front of green wall
Picture of Martha Magrina
Martha Magrina

Don’t we all just want to look effortlessly stylish, classy, and chic

Despite being 44, I have arrived… to the belief that Style (vs Fashion) is ageless and discerning.

woman wearing white suit standing in front of green wall

Fashion trends seem to come and go. And then they come and go, again. Fashion isn’t speaking to someone’s colors, proportions, or ideal silhouettes. Fashion is following the trend inspirations of designers. Trends may only suit a particular body type and even then, if the color is wrong for that person who’s body type it suits, it still doesn’t work.

Personal style is timeless, and embraces our own sense of individuality and authenticity. The beauty of our individual expression is that its creativity evolves as we grow older, perhaps becoming more (or less) refined based on our goals, physical changes, and/or new wisdom.

Why, then, do we become so overwhelmed with what to wear when we get an invitation to happy hour, coffee, or even a wedding? Maybe because we’re in the mindset that we need to dress ‘appropriately’ for who we’re meeting with, or who the crowd will be. ‘What will they think of what I’m wearing?’ ‘Will they think I’m less professional, not stylish, overdressed, underdressed, frumpy, or trying too hard?’ In the words of my cousin Jessie, ‘don’t we all just want to look and feel effortlessly stylish, classy, and chic?

How does one embody this fantastical image of beauty? My illuminating moment is realizing that this fantastical image of beauty starts with connecting to yourself. You know when you’re shopping, and you see something that you MUST have? Like it’s non-negotiable. You might be in debt, but you are not leaving that store without that top. It’s just not happening. To reference the unforgettable coined phrase by Marie Kondo, we see this article of clothing, pair of shoes, or accessory, and it sparks all kinds of joy. The style of that item is likely the beginning (or continuation) of your individual style story. It requires no thought, just following that gut impulse when you see something that resonates so deeply, that you can’t resist it. I have found that that’s how innate style is.

What I absolutely love about the business of style, is that we are given permission to be ourselves every time we get dressed. Even after parenting, working, spousing, and home, responsibility-ing, we have a daily outlet that allows us to re-connect with our authentic self-expression. As an Image Consultant, I invite you to connect deeply with who you are, and have some fun! Tailoring colors, styles and silhouettes to who YOU are, is only the surface of bringing out authentic YOU.

What’s your individual style story?